The Circle of Light and Love:
The next step in evolution

Will you pass on your genes or do you become extinct?

A drought in Africa

Once upon a time our ancestors lived in the forest somewhere in Africa. The following happened probably about 2 to 4 million years ago. A climate change caused a period of drought. The forest started to decline. Our ancestors got into trouble. One or a few of our ancestors got visions of a paradise beyond the Savannah which enclosed the forest. Since food became scarce they decided to leave the forest and to cross the Savannah.

Most of their peers considered this a very bad idea. They were not able to let go, to take a risk and to leave their familiar habitat: the forest. But the visionary apes followed their visions together with some followers. They left the forest and entered the Savannah. There they met big lions and other troubles. But they persevered. They were our ancestors. We live because they followed their visions and took the next step in evolution.

And the apes that stayed behind in their forest? They became extinct.

Another change of climate

During our evolution food was scarce. Many times we had hunger, many of us starved to death. We evolved with a strong drive to get as much food as possible. And then, we developed science, agriculture and industry. Food is now available at every moment at every place. And we still have a drive to eat as much as possible. So many of us got into trouble. Many of us became obese. This causes problems with fertility. If we continue to eat as much as we can, we will become extinct.

With many thanks to our industry, the co2 level of our atmosphere rises rapidly. Temperatures on earth are rising, polar ice is melting, sea-level is rising and more problems are anticipated. It seems that mankind faces yet another challenge. Many families will become extinct. Who will be an ancestor to the next species of mankind? Do you want to give birth to a higher species? Do you want to evolve? Or do you want to become extinct?

ABC weapons

For many people it is difficult to understand why these two reasons should cause the downfall of our society. I will try to explain.

According to a study of the NASA a rise of the sea level with 25 meter is possible. http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard ews/topstory/2006/world_warmth_prt.htm

According to Al Gore the melting of the ice on Greenland and Antarctica can cause the sea level to rise with 12 meter. This we should anticipate within 20 years.

The rising sea-level will force the relocation of more than a billion people from coastal area's. This can cause wars between people and probably the use of ABC-weapons. Our species can survive the abuse of a small amount of atomic and chemical weapons (A and C weapons) but the abuse of only one biological weapon can have a devastating effect. Since biological weapons are easy to produce and since many religious fanatics are willing to sacrifice themselves, it is quite probable that some biological weapon will be used in the next decade.

Imagine some Palestinians who have lost their complete families to Israelian terror. Some of them could be willing to contaminate themselves with a new virus and to take an airplane to a major city in the west. This could be a virus created from the HIV-virus and the influenza-virus. An airborne HIV-virus would have a devastating effect on mankind.

It is hard to give a precise prediction for the future. It is quite easy to see that catastrophic events become more probable day by day. That is why I have the opinion that we should prepare for a downfall of civilization. It is better to be safe than to be sorry.

The plague

Politicians think that losing the next election is the worst catastrophe that can ever happen. So they paint a bright future with a rising sea-level of only one meter in the next hundred years. Not one scientist and not one military person takes them seriously. A military person prepares for the worst, that gives the best chance for survival. However big a catastrophe, if you are prepared for the worst, chances are that you can cope with the catastrophe. If you follow the lead of politicians, you could survive the next election. But chances are, that you will drown with the next medium hurricane, like so many people drowned in New Orleans. These people were not killed by the hurricane Katrina, but by the negligence of politicians.

Often I have visions of the future. And often they come true, but not always according to my interpretation. I have learned to heed my visions. In one vision I saw large cities that were visited by a plague. I saw people with blood-soaked bandages at every way out of those cities. Each and every person that tried to leave the city was touched by these people, to contaminate them in case they were not contaminated already. Not a single person survived.

If you want to believe in the bright future of political leaders, please follow them. If you want to prepare for the worst, start an autarchic group or join an autarchic group. Prepare for a life without the current civilization. Make yourself as independent as possible.

The next step in evolution

It is difficult to foresee the future. Due to the climate-change, we can anticipate problems. Due to the abundance of food, we should anticipate another kind of problems. These two causes of trouble combined are reason to expect a downfall of civilization. If this happens, how will you survive?

Suppose you form a group with some people and together you develop an autarchic way of life. That will certainly increase your chances of survival. If you combine this with healthy feeding habits, you increase your chances of survival even more. What do you need to do this?

Primarily you need good judgment, sound information, an open mind, the ability to learn and adapt and certainly you need self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the ability to manage oneself and one's emotions. It is also the ability to manage your feeding-habits. During our evolution we increased our chances of survival by eating everything we could digest, since food was scarce. But today, eating everything we can is a certain way to obesity and to an early death. We need self-discipline to control our habits and drives. If we don't, we will kill ourselves and our genes become extinct.

From the previous we can deduce that the next species of mankind will have considerable self-discipline. Because of this, conflicts between individuals and between groups will occur less and when they do occur, they will be less intense. The next species of mankind will be more peaceful in respect to the current one.

Re-education for living in an autarchic group

When you are born and raised in a tribe, you learn how to live in an autarchic group. But most of us have been raised in modern society. Many of us come from a single-parent-family. Living in a group is not natural for most of us. So when we want to thrive in an autarchic group, we need re-education and re-conditioning. Many things that were natural to ancient tribal-people are strange and unfamiliar to modern people.

Furthermore, we don't want to regress to ancient tribal-people. We want to take the next step in evolution. So we need to analyze the social structure of tribal-people and to decide what habits are useful for us and which are detrimental. To do this, we need light to see, we need clarity of vision, we need the light of reason.

In a healthy tribe, tribal-people care for each other. When a tribe is about to be destroyed by other civilizations, you can see a decline of love and caring. These situation are not a good example for us. We should focus on healthy tribes. In such tribes there is a spirit of sharing and of love. In general we can say:

If you want a healthy autarchic group, you need a spirit of sharing, a spirit of love. People in the group should care for one another in a natural way. If care for each other has to be enforced by rules, the group does not function as a tribal group, but as a cult. For most people such an environment is detrimental.

We can conclude, that we need re-education before we can thrive in an autarchic group. We need to construct a social structure with elements of the social structure of ancient tribes combined with modern knowledge of psychology and sociology.

For those who want to become a leader of an autarchic group it can be useful to study cults, especially the bad examples of cults. Leaders of a group should be critical about their own behavior. Most of us don't want to end up like Charles Manson, like Jim Jones (from the Jonestown-tragedy), like David Koresh (from the Wako-tragedy) or like Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret (from the Order of the Solar Temple, Ordre du Temple Solaire). Also most of us don't want to end up like Osho (Baghwan). At the end of his life things were not very great.

If you lead other people, you have a great responsibility, specially when you lead an autarchic group. In such a group there is little influence from people outside of your group. And people inside your group are hesitant to be critical. So you must be your own critic. Study of groups and cults who went wrong can help you to prevent to make the same mistakes.

You can not be critical about yourself when you are in action. To become critical about yourself, you have to make yourself passive, relaxed. You have to get in an alpha-state (or something) and then you can take a good look at yourself. (This is what we do with TRANCE-FORMATION.)

The Circle of Light and Love

In the previous section we concluded, that we need to re-educate ourselves and that we need to look at ourselves in a relaxed state. And that is exactly what we do in the Circle of Light and Love.

Every Circle of Light and Love is an autonomous group and some of them will be autarchic.

All members of a true Circle of Light and Love do one or more TRANCE-FORMATIONS each day. This is essential. Occasionally one can skip a TRANCE-FORMATION when you are to tired or to busy. But the norm is at least one TRANCE-FORMATION a day.

A TRANCE-FORMATION is a period of 30 to 45 minutes spend in alpha-state. During this alpha-period you visualize yourself in all kinds of situations, you re-evaluate your behavior and you program new behavior. There are about 200 TRANCE-FORMATION CD's to program and evaluate all kinds of situations, habits and behavior patterns. A TRANCE-FORMATION CD contains in fact a piece of software that you can download in your mind.

The Circle of Light and Love has a few levels.

  • Before you can reach the first level, you have to receive 2 initiations with 4 TRANCE-FORMATIONS. These TRANCE-FORMATIONS help you to re-educate your sub-conscious self and to change your habits, so that you can function in a Circle of Light and Love.
  • It is a big mistake to think that you only need to do each of these 4 TRANCE-FORMATIONS one time and then you are a totally different person. Nothing could be further from the truth. It takes years of TRANCE-FORMATION to become a different person. It is not like 'I snap with my fingers and you are a different person'. You might believe, that you are. But this is not possible. Changing the wiring of your nervous system takes time and effort.

Note: Some people got the idea that every Circle of Light and Love should be an autarchic circle in a remote part of the world. That is not true. Most Circles of Light and Love are groups of friends in a city. The members live their own life and meet once a week or once a month or whatever seems appropriate. The Circle of Light and Love is ideal for an autarchic group but it is also ideal for any other group of friends that want really loving relationships between the members and spiritual, mental, emotional growth. With a Circle of Light and Love you can achieve whatever you want.

A Circle of Light and Love

By now, you are very eager to find out about initiation. What will happen during an initiation?

First of all, you need to make a distinction between THE Circle of Light and Love and A Circle of Light and Love. THE Circle of Light and Love is the conceptual Circle of Light and Love. It has some ground-rules or basic axioms. A Circle of Light and Love is a particular Circle of Light and Love, that has transformed the ground-rules in a real group of people. The ground-rules are transformed in a way to suit the needs of the members of that particular Circle of Light and Love.

You can not be initiated in THE Circle of Light and Love. You can only be initiated in A Circle of Light and Love.

The Circle of Light and Love as a concept is developed by Firewolf. A Circle of Light and Love as a real group is started by one or a few people with special training. This person or people we call 'the master of the circle' or simply 'the master'. 'The master' can be a man or a woman, a man and a woman, two man, two woman, three people, etc. The rules of a particular Circle of Light and Love are created by the master of that particular Circle of Light and Love. If you are initiated into a particular Circle of Light and Love, the initiation ceremony is created by the master of that circle. So it is not possible to tell you how you will be initiated.

When you are attracted by a particular Circle of Light and Love, you are attracted by the creation of a particular master. So it is most likely, that the initiation and the rules of that Circle of Light and Love suits you.

How can you become part of THE Circle of Light and Love?

There are these options:

  1. You are attracted by a particular Circle of Light and Love and you ask the master if he/she/they will train and initiate you.
  2. You are attracted by THE Circle of Light and Love (as a concept), you want to become a master and then you will create your own particular Circle of Light and Love, according to your own path.
  3. You are a member of an existing group and you want that group to become a Circle of Light and Love. In that case you should convince the other members of your group. As a group you can receive the necessary training by Firewolf.

Training and TRANCE-FORMATION CD's are available in English and in dutch. The English version will be made available as downloads in mp3-format. You can respond in English, Dutch or German.

More information

If you want Circle of Light and Love training, if you want to become a master of the Circle of Light and Love, or if you have comments or questions, you can use the form. Thank you.


Do you expect the end of the world?

Dear Andreas,

Thanks for all the information which I received from you. Your last message kept me awake during the past two nights. Probably you will be right, as usual.

I remember the freedom of the seventies. At that time, 'being spiritual' was hip. Since the eighties yogi's are mocked and despised. We are being ridiculed. At present I hide my spirituality. I don't want to provoke attacks.

Much light and love, Loes (yoga-teacher).

PS. Do you expect the end of the world?

Thanks for your comment, Loes.

End of the world?

The world will continue to turn around it's axis. But we can expect a lot of problems in the coming years. The climate-change comes fast and the sea level rises quick.

Because of the climate-change many people will suffer. This can be the cause for wars. An artificial virus can kill humankind quickly.

In the nineties I had a vision. I saw the earth surrounded by a kind of 'astral vultures'. They circulate the earth, waiting for the earth to die. I saw the earth die. Many souls were forced to leave the earth, most of them were devoured by these 'astral vultures'. It was not a nice thing to see.

Since that time I disconnected my emotions from the people. I don't want to feel their fear of death when their soul is devoured.

'God' gave me the power to seal the forehead (third eye) of people. During an initiation I sometimes do that. When your forehead is sealed, there is less confusion. You can really dedicate yourself to the path you have chosen. And when you leave this earth, you have the ability to move through the flock of vultures that surround the earth and they will not touch you.

I am not a prophet of doom !!!

What I saw is just one of the possibilities.

Some people have a vision and then they predict that earth will be destroyed at [some date] and sometimes even [some time]. What time? Greenwich Mean Time? New York Time? Berlin Time?

When I have a vision, it is a possibility. And it doesn't have to become a reality. As soon as we see a danger, we can do something about it.

If there is a lot of rain upriver and your dikes are weak and low, you can fore-see a bursting. But that doesn't have to happen. You can strengthen the dike and increase the height.

If we continue to live as we do, we will die. We will become an extinct species. But in times of trouble people choose for change. For many the change will be to late. For people who are awake, the chances are much better. You can choose to change yourself. You can relocate to a rural area and become self-sufficient.

I teach people to become a master of the Circle of Light and Love. Once you are a master, you are much more aware of what is going on. You can start your own Circle of Light and Love and initiate friends. If you like, you can do that where-ever you want. Even in a big city. But in times of trouble, a rural area is less dangerous.


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